Creating A Toddler Reading Space


As most of you know, I have a toddler. He’s three now, and absolutely loves to read. Even before he was born we had stacks upon stacks of books for him, and that’s just the way I wanted it!

Due to the fact that my son has a million books, we have set up a bunch of bookshelves around our home, and I wanted to show you the little book nook area that we created for him in his room. Naturally we have to maximize our space, so we bought a set of cubicles (we also have one downstairs in the playroom with more books and toys), with green and tan cubes so that he can fill them with toys, but they also look nice.


We chose to put the books on the bottom shelves a long time ago when he was just learning to reach for things, he would pull all the books down and bump himself on the head. This seemed like a safer alternative and it actually doesn’t look too bad.

I added a couple stuffed animals with in the book shelves to give it a more whimsical feel, and he loves to grab a buddy to hug while we read a story.


Here is a wider view of the area. As you can see he has his own little chair he can sit in, and there are also a few pillows he can lay on or snuggle with if he wants to. Up top, there are books that my husband and I bought for him before he was born, and very early after he was born, such as The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan. These are books that we want to share with him as he gets older, but right now we feel he’s too young. So as not to get them messed up we put them on the top shelf. There are a couple other books up there that are also precious to us.

As you can see, we also use the top of the shelf as a sort of table. We have his lamp, remotes for his TV, his roku, a Winnie the pooh stuffed animal and a dinosaur. Also there is a picture of him and I from when he was around 7 months old. There used to be a picture of him and my husband on the other side, but it feel down the crack and hasn’t been retrieved yet lol. This space is just very cheerful and I love it. My son adores it as well.


This is one side of his book shelf.In one of the cubbie holes there are some puzzles, as well as books. Theres a big Sulley stuffed animal that is fun to squeeze. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m not a real big stickler on keeping his books organized because it doesn’t last long no matter how hard I try.


Here’s the other side of the shelf. We have a Mike Wazowksi, who is one of my son’s favorites. A goldfish who my son swears is Nemo but isn’t, and tons of books (we have so many books that I’ve had to give away a lot, and there are shelves downstairs packed full). I actually like to switch the books out every once in a while to give him some fresh things to read.

If you plan on creating a reading space for your toddler or young child, just remember to keep it bright, keep it comfy and have fun with it. Don’t get to set on how you want things to look, because they are going to have a different idea about how they want it lol. After all, it is their first library, let them have fun.


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