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Almost Like Being in Love


For Caron Hollister, success may not always be what it seems. She is a realtor at her fathers company, in hopes that one day she will become his partner, and then possibly take it over once he retires. Caron also has a boyfriend of two years, who will some day hopefully be her fiancé (some day sooner rather than later she’s really praying). In the novel Almost Like Being in Love, by Beth K. Vogt. Love, success, and being true to yourself can be found in the most unexpected places.

Even though Caron has this grand idea of what her career will do for her, her father has something else under his sleeve. He hires another partner, who is younger than Caron and has less experience. This causes some major upset between Caron and her dad, and eventually Caron decides to quit her job. All the stress and frustration causes her to take a vacation to Colorado to help her best friend with her wedding preparation. Caron needs some cooling off time, and she can’t even face her dad right now.

While she is in Colorado, Caron is carted off to different bridal shops, expos and other wedding hot spots. At one of the wedding destinations, Caron fills out a card to win a destination Colorado wedding, even though she and her boyfriend Alex aren’t even engaged. She figures she can’t win, so why not have a little fun.

Little does she know, she can win, and does. Now she has to explain to Alex that she won them a wedding destination, even though he hasn’t proposed to her yet. This means she’ll be jumping the gun a little bit-which she hopes doesn’t put Alex off from marrying her. Oh, and she also has to mention that her ex boyfriend Kade is helping her best friend find a house.

Kade used to work for Caron’s father, but now he has moved to Colorado to do his own thing in the Real Estate business. There is still something sizzling between Caron and Kade, but nothing that could spark enough to make Caron think about leaving Alex, right?

I read this book over Memorial Day weekend as well, and I found it really charming, very descriptive and the different character perspectives made it easy to get lost in the story. I had never heard of this author before, but I am definitely going to look into more of her books once I get a chance, her writing is phenomenal and her characters are real people! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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