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Those Crazy Notions


Humor, sarcasm, and wit reign free in the book Those Crazy Notions (of Otherwise Intelligent People) by Joel Michael Dorr. Radio show host, Percy, who isn’t all that mature, and treats women like they are nothing but objects, has to figure out how to pick up the pieces of his life after his wife leaves him. Ilena works with abused women, and is also dealing with the fall out between her and her ex-husband. These two broken people end up being able to find qualities in each other that they love, and eventually the two fall in love.

At first, I didn’t like Percy at all, he was a drunk, mean, careless, and treating people like they were dirt on the bottom of his shoe. Once you realize why, you start to feel sorry for him, and then by the end of the book I actually had a soft spot for him. He’s not a bad guy, he just has emotional problems due to his past relationship. Once he meets Ilena, he tries to be a better man, and in his attempt to woo her, he starts to change.

Ilena isn’t impressed at first, because of Percy’s womanizing ways, but she eventually falls for him just like the reader will. Set in San Diego and with the summer time sun, I can see this book being a hit this summer for sure!

I found myself laughing through out this book, but only after I got through the first couple of chapters. The first chapter I literally had to re-read two times to understand what was going on. The wording and the word usage was just overwhelming and almost didn’t make sense. This made me contemplate putting the book down, and if I wasn’t writing a review for it I probably would have. Though I am happy I didn’t, the rest of the book sort of makes up for that whole time lost. I really enjoyed how the romance between Ilena and Percy was created, it wasn’t fast, it wasn’t sudden, and it simmered instead of ignited, which is what would happen in real life I feel. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, definitely a cool summer read.

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