God and the Afterlife


Remember a couple of weeks ago when I read Man, Myth, Messiah and I was upset that the author only used one point of reference, which happened to be the bible, and I needed more? Well, I think I found a book that does just that. God and the Afterlife by Jeffery Long M.D. and Paul Perry was one of the most scientific and resourceful book about near death experiences, God, and everything that happens to us when we die, that I have ever had the pleasure to read. These men have written several books about this phenomena, and they keep getting closer and closer to the truth about what happens when we die.

This book gives statistics, it gives us real life people that have experienced near death experiences, and it tells their stories. I was only ten pages into the book when I got this overwhelming emotional feeling, and started to cry. The fact that these people were talking about a sense of feeling completely loved, at home, and were given the chance to go back to their lives with a greater understanding made me feel so blessed to have actually read this book. I swear, it was an awakening. The fact that so many people, thousands, have gone through the same thing just puts faith into me that I haven’t gotten before in my life.

God and the Afterlife made me feel close, and reassured me, of my faith. One of the biggest and most thought provoking things that I read in this book was that there is no religion, there is no separation between people and faith, all of those are human things, and all that matters is love and the realization that there is a higher power at work here. This book has a beautiful message, and it taught me so much. It really sealed the deal for my faith that we aren’t just destined to live, work and die, with nothing else waiting for us on the other side. The fact that the authors researched this phenomena known as NDE, used questionarres to see how many people who have had an NDE actually have the same situation happen to them after their souls left their bodies, and questioned how much their faith has risen or fallen since the NDE, really just sold me on the entire thing. I loved this book, I received it from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, stellar book, one that will stick with me for a long time, and I am definitely going to read the other books by these authors.


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