The Face in the Mirror


In the literary novel The Face in the Mirror by Jennifer B. Duffey two girls that were strangers end up living in an apartment together, and opening up to each other and themselves in ways that can bring a lot of light to topics that seem to be pushed under the rug now a days. I wasn’t expecting to get the feels that I did reading this book, and I wasn’t expecting to get such a deep and traumatic back story to the main character. This author definitely knows how to pull at the heart strings of her readers, but also knows how to embed emotion into every word that she writes.

Maggie is a quiet girl, who seems like she’s not sure about a lot of things in her life. A simple question like what does she want on her pizza can lead her to question if she really wants pepperoni or if she’s just saying that because she thinks everyone else wants pepperoni. She’s quick to appease others, while putting herself last. She doesn’t trust anyone, and she has her reasons for that. Carmen, her roommate, on the other hand is very bold and outgoing. She can make friends with a single smile. Putting the two girls together in the same home for some situations that leave them both with learning experiences that they won’t soon forget.

From the first moment I started reading this book, I knew there was something going on beneath the surface in Maggie’s life. She’s shy, and not confident in any decision that she makes. As she lives her life with Carmen, we see her shell being torn away, and she starts to gain some insight, the character development is so clever and real that I loved reading her story.

The trauma that Maggie has gone through in her past has left scars, and it has given her the insecurity that is so apparent even from the very first page. It was a sad thing to read, but also very powerful. The thing is, a lot of books gloss over these types of topics, but this one really sunk it’s teeth into it and showed how people can do more than their past. Watching Maggie overcome her monsters was very empowering and poignant. This book will stay with me for a long time. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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