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In the midst of drowning, Erin is seduced by a sexy and seductive stranger. Though she has no recollection of actually almost dying, she doesn’t remember how her husband treated her just moments before, Erin does remember what that stranger looked like as he pulled her from the water. If you want to read a steamy romance novel this summer, please pick up Drowning by Jassy Mackenzie. It’s juicy, but it has some suspense that keeps you hooked.

Erin is on assignment from work, she is a photographer in New York and is expected to head to South Africa to get some much needed photos. I can’t remember the last time that I read a book that took place in South Africa, maybe it was Zoo by James Patterson, but that’s totally not like this book at all, so it was very interesting to get to see what the author did with the location of this book, and the imagery was incredible. Erin and her husband Vince are always fighting, and the day they are heading to their hotel in South Africa is no different. Yet again, she and Vince are butting heads because Vince is trying to control Erin. The two decide it’s best to take separate cars to get some time away from each other, and when a massive storm comes in and basically maroons Erin at a luxury lodge, she can’t leave nor can Vince find her.

Erin finds out that the studly stranger that helped her out of the water is none other than the owner of the lodge, Nicholas. As they fall for each other, Erin has to figure out what happened to her husband, where their relationship was going, and how to reconcile the fact that she is falling for this other guy while still married to Vince.

Did I like this book? Sure, it was playful, entertaining and steamy, but was it realistic? Not at all. That’s the only thing I found difficult about this book, I just couldn’t really get fully invested in it because I kept scoffing at some of the situations. It was a cheesy romance that had me rolling my eyes every once in a while, but then again maybe I’m just not well versed in the romance genre. Other than that, this was an enjoyable book with more than just rippling bodies, it also reads like flowing water. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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