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The Wired Soul


The Wired Soul by Tricia Mccary Rhodes teaches us that in a world where we are so inundated with information, and  constantly flipping between different apps and webpages, we are slowly losing our sense of Christ. This happens because we begin to get consumed fully with shallow things like models, actors, likes, retweets, so on and so forth, that our spirits just get overloaded and can’t keep up. Not only is this dangerous son a spiritual level, but it’s not good for our self-esteem, confidence, and our day to day life.

Another thing that the book mentions is how always being on our phones or playing games and texting, makes it hard to have face to face conversations with people in the same room as us, and it also makes it harder to connect with people on a different, deeper, level. I can honestly see how this is true, I have used my phone as a shield more than once in my life. I have started flipping through Facebook because I didn’t know what to talk about, or felt awkward sitting across from someone that I didn’t know well. Having anxiety myself, this always seemed like the logical thing to do, but in all honesty it was the exact opposite. If I never get to know people, then I will never be able to get over my anxiety of meeting new people and having to deal with social situations. I have actually consciously tried to not use my phone while I’m doing things like spending time at my parents house, or giving my husband my full attention when we are talking even if we are just telling each other a funny story.

Doing just that one simple thing of putting down my phone, has given me a more full experience when having conversations with other people. Though I did notice that my electronics were getting in the way before I read this book, this book still opened my eyes to all the ways that it was hurting my soul. This book teaches us to slow down and digest things that we see and experience so that our souls can take in all of the surroundings instead of just constantly being bombarded with information that doesn’t even matter in the end. Not only does this book tell us how our souls have become so hard wired, it gives us ideas on how to reconnect with God and our faith. We can take time each day to reflect on what we’ve done, and just be silent. We can journal, and pray and much more.

Take some time and read this book, even if you don’t think that your phone has taken over your life. Just simply being reminded that we all have other purposes besides scrolling through Facebook or Twitter is a real eye opener. I enjoyed this book, and hope that my phone doesn’t become something that takes over my time and life again. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I received this book from the Tindale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.

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