All But Normal


All But Normal is the story of Shawn Thornton’s life growing up with his mother, who after a car accident, developed a violent demeanor and was never the same again. Shawn Thornton is a pastor at Calvary Community Church in California. Along with Joel Kilpatrick, Shawn brings his story to the pages of this book, to let readers know that although life can be tough, there are always good things that come of it.

Beverly, Shawn’s mother, was once a sweet lady who cared deeply for her children and family. All of that was ruined when she got into a car accident and her demeanor changed completely. Now with violet outbursts, rage, and language that could make a sailor blush, Beverly and Shawn’s lives changed forever. Beverly wasn’t able to do the things she once did, like cook, clean and take care of the family. This caused her much turmoil, which she took out on her family. Reading the accounts of what Shawn went through was sad, and scary at times. The fact that she would continuously cuss out her children and husband, and then love on them moments later was a scary thing to think about. Living with a ticking time bomb cannot be easy.

The saving grace of Shawn’s mother was her love for church and her bible. She was a Sunday school teacher, and loved to help people that were less fortunate. The way that Shawn grew up, and the mother that he had, turned him into a compassionate, caring, and loving Pastor that doesn’t dismiss people just because of their disposition.

This story was sad, bittersweet, and a good reminder that nothing is promised to us, and no life is more important than another. Even though Beverly may have been violent at time, Shawn still paints a picture of a loving mother, and that shows forgiveness on many different levels. This was a wonderful memoir, something that can teach everyone a thing or two. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I received this book from Tindale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.


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