Never Knowing


Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens is a book that I picked up while shopping a couple of months ago. I had just recently heard of Chevy Stevens, and I purchased another one of her books before this but still haven’t read it. I think I was mostly intrigued by her name. I think it’s cute and also the synopsis on the back of this book really interested me.

Sara Gallagher is on her way down the aisle, and with her six year old daughter Ally in tow. With dreams of creating a new family, she has always wanted to know who her birth parents were, and now feels it’s time to find them. Sara never had a great life growing up, she always felt like the black sheep, and that her adoptive parents didn’t really want her after they had two children of their own. Now, it was time for her to find out what really happened when she was born, and why she was given away.

She needs closure, and the only way to do that is to find her birth mother. After some digging, Sara finally comes up with a name. When Sara contacts her birth mother, the woman seems as if she does not want to talk to Sara, ever, in her life. This makes Sara feel uneasy, why would her own birth mother not want to speak to her? She felt no bad blood, she was just curious about her ancestors and what her family history was. Soon, she hires a private investigator and he finds out some chilling information.

The reason that Sara’s mother, Julia, did not want any contact from Sara was because she was the victim of a serial killer named The Campsite Killer, and although she got away, he raped her and she became pregnant. Sara was the product of that unfortunate event. After Sara finds this out and tries to contact Julia again, and the media figures out who Julia really is- she changed her name after she had Sara- and The Campsite Killer makes contact with Sara.

At first Sara gives in to what The Campsite Killer, John, wants from her, and he starts to weave this tangled web for her to jump hoops through. With the help of the police, Sara tries to create a meet up so that she can get him behind bars. When things take a horrifically wrong turn, Sara may be at the mercy of The Campsite Killer, along with her beautiful daughter Ally.

I mean honestly, this book gripped me from the very beginning. Like Sara in the book, I am also interested in Serial Killers and how their mind works (most likely because of my psychology interest), and knowing that she came from a Serial Killer can put a lot of strain on someone. Watching Sara struggle with the reality of who her biological father was, and trying to save herself and her daughter was epic story telling. I absolutely adored this book, I could not put it down. It’s a pretty hefty book but I finished it in two days because I was so enthralled. The twist ending was also a clever touch. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I also cannot wait to read more of Chevy’s books.

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