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Fragile Will

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This is one of those books where I’m not quite sure which genre it is, and it sort of melds more than one genre together. A Fragile Will by Glen Ebisch mixes mystery, thriller and women’s fiction to create a whole new sub-genre that sparked my interest for sure.

Cassie was removed from her job as a kindergarten teacher, and since she hasn’t been able to find a better job, she’s stuck working at a nursing home for much less money (not that teachers make that much anyway!). She has some so-so relationships with the residents at the nursing home, but one man seems to really get along with her. Once he passes away, Cassie realizes that he has left her in his will, and in his will it states that Cassie will be the new director of a literary research center. The man had no one else in his life to will this place to, and Cassie is overwhelmed with the possibilities.

The lawyer that is dealing with the will has confidence that Cassie will be able to make the research center great, and makes sure that nothing is standing in the way of her receiving the building. Although everything on that front is going well, she starts to see that other things are happening in her life that can’t be explained. She keeps getting into situations, or situations keep finding her, where she’s getting hurt. Getting pushed down stairs, getting beat up, and she’s even getting scary phone calls. It feels that this literary research center isn’t worth all the trouble it’s causing, and Cassie just wants her life to go back to normal.

I felt that this book started out strong, I really liked Cassie and was happy that she was someone I could relate to. Yet by the end of the book, I was begging for it to be over with. Even though the twists were entertaining, I felt that I sort of could guess what was going to happen (I blame that on the fact that I read so many mysteries!). This book was fun, and I have never read this author before, but it lost it’s appeal around the last quarter of the book. I received this book from Sage’s Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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