A Necessary Act


There is something about this book, A Necessary Act by Tony Wirt that just sticks with you after you finish it. The eery feeling you get from the characters, and the decisions made in this book are something that you never really think about, but faced with a situation like the one in the book, you see how people can do the things that they do. I know I’m not explaining that right, because I cannot tell you what happened in this book with out giving away the plot, but if you read it you will know what I mean.

David is a regular student at Lake Mills Community High, just trying to get by, talk to girls and hang out with his friends. When he witnesses something that another boy, Scott, does, he has to make a decision that could change both of their lives. At first David and his friend Matt thought the best idea was to keep the incidence to themselves, in order to stay out of it, but when something else happens they feel that it’s now necessary to tell someone what is going on with Scott.

Fast forward 15 years when David moves back home. Scott still lives in the small town, and seems to be living a normal life. How much of it is a facade? How much can David remember and witness before he tries to dig deeper into Scott’s world to see if he really has changed, or if he is just as creepy as he used to be all those years ago.

Then it happens, a girl is found dead. The first suspect that David can think of is Scott, naturally. Racing through the town, and the mind of David we see how Scott can be the only suspect, but is he?

This book was a tad predictable at the end, but other than that I really liked it. It’s interesting to see how the characters grew over time, and how they changed or stayed the same. I also thought that Scott was super creepy, and for some reason he gave off a Columbine vibe to me. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, because of the creepy factor. It was easy to read, and gave me a couple of spine tingles! I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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