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As If It Was Yesterday


As If It Were Yesterday is a self-published novel by Henrike G. Forschler. In some ways this story could be considered chick lit or women’s fiction, but it’s something different than that as well. Told in e-mail, text, and chat form, two people come together and form a bond, which is eventually pulled apart because of one of the person’s secrets. I want to give this book constructive criticism because I feel that it is a good start, but something is missing.

Jonathan and Sapphire meet at a bar, and soon form a relationship that turns quickly into a romantic one. Through e-mails and through text we can see how Jonathan starts to regret his choice in becoming involved with Sapphire. That is because he has a wife and daughter, who he seemingly forgot to mention when he was trying to get closer to Sapphire. While Sapphire is disappointed she doesn’t seem to really care if Jonathan has a family, and still wants to be best friends with him. We all know that being best friends with someone who you’ve had a romantic relationship with is next to impossible (and kudos to anyone who can), so the two’s relationship sort of ebbs and flows as they figure out where they belong in the world.

Then Jonathan moves to California from New Zealand, gets cancer and everything takes a turn for the worse. Sapphire is left in New Zealand to pick up the pieces of this love that was always in her grasp but she never could hold on to. She still considers the two best friends and soul mates, but theres nothing left to give between the two of them.

Okay, first I want to say that the idea for this story is incredible, and I love that it was written in letter form because it makes it much more interesting. I think that this story could have been much longer (its only 123 pages), which could help with the big chunks of information that seem to be missing from the story. I just feel like it went too fast, and I couldn’t full invest in the characters because I never got a really deep and meaningful background from Jonathan, and I didn’t get to see how their love developed more than getting coffee and having sex. Also, Sapphire seems like a girl who lets people walk all over her, why was she not more upset that Jonathan had a family and he sort of creeped it into conversation instead of being blunt about it from the get go? I would be livid if I found this out, especially after I’d already invested my time in someone. I did like this book, but I feel like there could be so much more detail added to make it outstanding. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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