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400 Followers + Let’s Chat


Hello my fellow bookworms! I just wanted to give you all a huge shout out and say thank you! After my post about the do’s and don’ts of asking for book reviews, I received a ton of new followers. I had no idea that that blog would get as much love as it did, so thank you for reading it and agreeing with my “rules”! I’m happy that I can make content that resonates with people, and that people can appreciate and support.

You guys are awesome and I just want to hug you all. I believe I have around 424 followers as of right now when I’m typing this. I’m feeling the love for sure!

Now on to something more obnoxious (at least for me), this pregnancy has been hard on me guys. At first I had terrible terrible morning (all day) sickness, then I had a sinus infection, then an ear infection, and finally TMJ (all back to back and this has been going on for over a month). I recently got a mouth guard and have finally gotten a full nights sleep after getting about 2-3 hours every night. I was not in a good mood. The TMJ got so bad that I would cry whenever it would flare up, and I’m a pretty tough chick. I would take like 4-5 showers a night just to get the muscles to loosen up. If you don’t know what TMJ is it’s when your jaw is out of alignment and the joint gets inflamed. It hurts very bad and makes it hard to sleep, eat, and do about anything else. The cause of mine was clenching my teeth at night, but hopefully this mouth guard helps more from now on.

Anywho, I’m not trying to get you guys to feel bad for me lol. The point of me telling you all that is that I have not been reading anything lately because I’ve been so sick I couldn’t. I finally picked up a book a couple of days ago, and still have not finished it. My reviews may come more sporadically, I’m not sure yet. Just know I’m still here and still want to provide some great reviews for everyone.

Again, thank you all for the support and for following my blog, it’s so incredible to connect with like minded people. I hope you guys have wonderful days and read some amazing books!

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