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Kanye West Owes Me $300


If you know me, then you know that I love rap music, and I hate Kanye West. The reason that I selected this book from was because I thought it would be a hilarious tale of a white rapper known as Hot Karl, but whose real name is Jensen Karp. Kanye West Owes Me $300 (and other true stories from a white rapper who almost made it big) started off funny, and ended just sad. 

Like a lot of people, I have never heard of Hot Karl, but he seemed like he was a funny kid. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s he got a lot of influence from rappers during that era, even though he was a white jewish kid that looked like he was better at math than he was at rhyming words. He started rapping at 12, and never really stopped. He got semi-famous and met a lot of great people. But that’s basically where his career ends. To me, this book felt like his last ditch effort to try and name drop to make something of himself, and it just didn’t work.

For one thing, the entire book rarely mentions anything about Kanye West until almost the end, and then it’s just one chapter. Not that I care about Kanye, but if you are going to name your book after someone, you might want to have them have more influence in your life than one chapter. It’s like Karp needed a big name to sell his book, and Kanye was the first one he could think of.

Although this book is funny, it just seems sad. There’s just no hope for Hot Karl, and he really should just stop trying. I know that sounds harsh, but I think it’s crap when people try to use others names to get rich. Bye Karl. I give this book 1 out of 5 stars.


1 thought on “Kanye West Owes Me $300”

  1. Hahaha awesome review! I actually laughed out loud during the last little paragraph! “They’re is just no hope for Hot Karl, and he really should just stop trying.” HAhaha!!! 😀 If he barely mentions Kanye, then he is in fact, only using his name as buying bate, if thats a thing! People will buy it because they think its going to be a funny story about Kanye. People will probably be pissed after wasting their monry! Will be staying away from this book! 😀


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