The Bunk Up


Holy heck, if this book does not leave you with side splitting muscle aches you aren’t reading it right. The Bunk Up by Andie M. Long and DH Sidebottom is hilarious from beginning to end. I mean, I’m not trying to say that someone else’s misfortune is funny, but in this book it kind of is. The way that the jokes and raunchiness exude from this novel is just so perfect and oh so satisfying.

Poor Daisy, she comes home to find her boyfriend with another woman, like literally on top of said woman, and instead of yelling or flipping out, Daisy goes and sits next to the two on the bed. I mean come on. That’s comedy gold right there. Then to top it off, she loses her job the next day, so clearly life isn’t going well for Daisy.

One of her not so favorite, but very generous customers (she worked at a bank) at her ex job, offers her the chance to come and stay for a couple of weeks to get her life back in order. At first Daisy hesitates, but soon accepts the offer because she has no other choice. When she arrives at the cottage, she realizes she won’t be staying there alone. In one room of the cottage is Mrs. H’s son, who looks like he just came from an Abercrombie shoot. Frazer is sort of immature but Daisy can look past that since she’s not really looking for a serious relationship right now. There’s nothing wrong with a little casual fun is there?

I don’t want to, and cannot give away the ending of this book because it’s just magic, but I do want to say that if you read this book and expect to get a super romantic, sexual story you aren’t going to find it. There are some love scenes, but I felt it was more of a comical book than romantic by far. Also, I love the wording and dialogue in this book. Everyone seems so open and no one really cares about being too dirty. I love it. You can tell the authors had a great time writing this. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, this is a great collaboration, that melts together like butter. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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