The Adventures of Gracie and Monkeybear- Kids Book


What a world of adventure for Gracie and her dog MonkeyBear. In this beautifully created children’s book The Adventures of Gracie and MonkeyBear by C.S. O’Kelly. Gracie, a precocious little girl, and her fun loving dog get into a lot of things in their very own backyard.

First, they dig up a dinosaur and set him free, then they repair an alien space ship, which is just the beginning. The book shows that even backyards can be fun, with just a little (or maybe an enormous) imagination. My son and I enjoyed this book quite a bit (there was even alien talk that was translated to English, a very cute and surprising detail). We liked looking at the colorful artwork that was so thoughtfully created by Joey Farrell, that made the story come to life even more.

This is just Book 1 of the adventures of Gracie and her dog, I believe that the second book in this series will be out soon. We will get to see more of their winter adventures, which I cannot wait for! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, this is definitely a book that we are going to be reading a lot from for a while.


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