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Ghosts from our Past


Believe it or not, I haven’t seen the new Ghostbusters movie yet, but I am a diehard fan of the originals. When I saw this book on Blogging for Books I knew it was going to be right up my alley. Ghosts from our Past- Both Literally & Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal was featured in the new Ghostbusters film. Written by Erin Gilbert and Abby L. Yates (I’m assuming these are characters in the movie) along with Andrew Shaffer is sure to be a hit with my fellow ghost loving friends.

A movie tie-in with wit, facts, and fun, this book is definitely something that you need to read if you are looking for more fun along the lines of the paranormal. I honestly thought this was going to be a big farce, or a marketing gimmick, but actually it has very real and very interesting facts about the paranormal.

Even with out having seen the movie, I can tell the personalities of the characters, and they do seem like real people. Not only that, but it’s written in layman’s terms so even the least confident ghost hunter can pick up some tips and tricks from these women.

If you are looking to laugh, but also find out some exciting paranormal information, then definitely go find out where you can buy this book! It is a perfect mix between real and fantasy and I had quite a good time reading it. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, also here is a picture of the back cover:


These ladies obviously know what they are doing.


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