Making A Killing


The sequel to John L. Hart and Olivia Rupprecht’s smash thriller There Will Be Killing is Making A Killing, a story about money and murder. When J.D. Mikel falls in love with the least expected person, Kate Morningside, he is pulled into a dangerous game once he realizes that his lover has been kidnapped.

During the search for Kate, J.D. and many other get caught up in trouble on the Mekong River. Not only is there a war going on, but the people who have Kate aren’t backing down no matter what. If you know the story of the Vietnam war, then you know how bloody and how similar to Hell this book can get. I am not a huge war story fan, but this book brought out a lot of great storylines that played alongside the realtime war, and created a lot of turmoil that the characters had to overcome.

I have to say that I did not read the first book in this series, although I typically like to do that, I had a time restraint and couldn’t get the book, anyways-this one is definitely a book that you can read as a stand alone, and still fall in love with the characters anyway. While you are hoping and praying that Kate is returned safe, you are also pulled into the twists and turns of the drug cartel, the mafia, and much more troublesome people that you hope that you will never have to meet in real life.

I received this book as a part of the blogger program through The Story Plant, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was mysterious, heart pounding and just enough psychological thriller that it kept my interest through out its over 400 pages. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, and hope to see more from these authors in the future.


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