Non-Bookish Youtubers I Can’t Stop Watching


Since I’ve had such a heck of a time lately really diving into a book, I figured I would share with you some of the goodies I have found on Youtube. These are obviously my own personal preference, and may not be people that you like, but that’s okay. I’m really into the daily vlog type of Youtube channel, so if you think of any channels that I might be interested in, please feel free to comment and let me in on the secret. Okay here we go:

Aaryn Williams 


I watched this southern beauty back when she was on Big Brother (Which was not her best character I am sure-if you don’t know what I mean just google it) but, that doesn’t mean her vlogs aren’t amazing. Not only does she have great tips about cooking, make up tutorials, and post baby weight loss, her little girl Skyla is the cutest thing I have seen in a while.

Britney and Baby


Britney has been making Youtube videos since her little 4 year old was in vitro. Although I just started watching her a couple of months ago, I have fallen in love with her story and family. She is now working on baby #3, which is so fun since I am also pregnant. She has great videos about organization, parenting, pregnancy vlogs, as well as regular daily vlogs that are super fun and feature her adorable kids Aria and Nolan.

Jenna Marbles


You are probably living under a rock if you don’t know who Jenna Marbles is by now, but if you just click on that little link about her photo you will surely fall in love with her quirky and hilarious attitude. Jenna is one of the first you tubers I ever really watched, even long before I cared about what the heck Youtube was. She is just a bottle full of hilarity and will surely keep you laughing. Check out her 100 layers video for instant entertainment.

Jessi Smiles


Jessi is a you tuber who used to be a Viner (which may mean nothing to some people lol), but her story times are always packed with so much fun, surprises and the way she tells a story can really keep you entertained. I have found myself watching more than 2 of her videos in a row…yeah I’m not really too proud of that.

Loey Lane


Loey is as gorgeous as they come, and she’s also super confident and into weird stuff like I am. One minute she could post a video about a plus size dress haul, and the next she’s telling you about a demon who possessed a doll. I love her paranormal story times, she really gives me goosebumps. Her channel always keeps me guessing and on my toes.



Teen parents Oscar and Kyra have a beautiful boy Levi (also known as Buggy) and a little bug on the way. Watching their progress from living in Kyra’s grandparents home to moving to Salt Lake City and getting a beautiful apartment has been a journey I have been so happy to be on with this little family. It’s so fun to watch their daily life, and it has been a joy to watch little Buggy grow as if he was one of my own little friends. Not only are the montages on this channel beautiful, but the love between Oscar and Kyra is something even people my age strive for.

The Gabbie Show


Not only does Gabbie do vlogging on a separate channel, she also creates hilarious story times that can put yours to shame I’m sure. From dating mishaps, to funny celebrity encounters, this girl really has the comedy chops that I need in my day.

I know you guys know I love ASMR videos and bookish videos, but I figured I would leave those out of this post just because it can get a little repetitive. I hope you enjoyed this list, and I hope it helps you find some awesome new channels to watch!

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