Adnan’s Story


There are no words to describe how completely and utterly excited I was to get this book early from the publisher. I listened to the podcast Serial for days on end, enraptured by the story of Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee. When I saw that one of Adnan’s friends Rabia Chaudry was writing a book, I instantly requested it from the publisher. Adnan’s Story is a telling of the murder of Hae Min Lee, but it’s also a telling of a more behind the scenes look at what Adnan went through in his court battle, his prison time, a more in-depth look at other people that were involved in this story such as Jay, Asia, Don, and so many more. There is just a completely different narrative in this book than there was in the podcast, one that makes much more sense and fills in the cracks that were left by Serial.

While Serial was a great overview of the murder of Hae, it doesn’t go into detail and debunk the case against Adnan like this new book does. With real letters, pictures, maps, and much more evidence from the case, we really get to see a broader picture of how Adnan’s story does not fit in with the case against him. There are too many ways that this man could not have murdered this girl, and there is theory upon theory opening the case wide, to let all the real secrets leak out.

Before I go any further, let me tell you what Serial and the murder of Hae Min Lee is all about. Adnan and Hae dated in high school, and in 1999 they were broken up but still pretty good friends. Hae had started dating Don, and Adnan was sort of going from girl to girl. On the day in question, January 13, 1999 Hae disappeared. There are a million things that happened that day, that supposedly happened that day, and could have happened that day-but it’s so tangled that I really need you to read the book to fully get the picture- but to make a long story short the police find Hae’s body in a wooded area, and the only person that they really suspect is Adnan. With out much proof or evidence they charge him with Hae’s murder. He declares his innocence but it isn’t enough. To this day, Adnan Syed is still in prison for the murder of Hae Min Lee.

As you read this book, the story unfolds even more, and the leaks in the case just start to crumble. I could tell you what I think happened, but you should read the book to form your own opinion. I don’t want to give anything away that someone new to this case might not get yet. All I want to say is that Adnan is definitely an innocent man, and since he has been  granted a new trial by a judge-let’s hope he gets his day in court to prove once and for all how messed up, backwards, and utterly despicable this case is. If you are a fan of the show Making a Murderer, you will absolutely love this book. I did, and the only thing I wish is that this case was already solved so we could all get some peace. I received this book in exchange for an honest review, and I’m so glad I did. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, pure gold. Rabin Chaudry shines in her ability to get down to the nitty gritty and create a masterpiece.


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