Disappearance at Devil’s Rock


I was hoping that I would find a really good paranormal thriller this summer, and I was hoping that since Disappearance at Devil’s Rock b Paul Tremblay showed up in my mailbox a couple of months ago-thanks to the free reviewer copies of books at The Reading Room, I would get that paranormal kick I was hoping for. Well, I am sad to say that I was very very wrong, and this book was a complete waste of time for me.

The beginning of this book kicked ass. Three kids show up at a huge rock in the middle of the woods, and only two kids go home-none of them knowing where the other kid went. That’s when the weird stuff starts happening, people keep seeing shadows of the missing boy, and his diary pages keep showing up in the living room of his home-yet no one knows where they have come from.

The middle was great as well, the pieces to the puzzle were unfolding, the characters were becoming more real to me, and the family of Tommy the missing boy were so full of emotion that I could almost feel their terror and hope that he would come home.

Then the end happened, and after I finished the last page I told my husband as I slammed the book down “This was a complete waste of my time.” Why? Because the ending was so full of crap, didn’t make sense, and basically made the entire story obsolete. Even though I didn’t pay for this book, I want my money back lol, I’m just so tired of books that have these very vague ideas of what’s really going on and then they blow that theory up at the end with some pointless bullshit that doesn’t even coincide with the rest of the book.

I’m sorry for all the curse words today, I’m just a little bit frustrated with the lack of a good ending in this book. I was really hoping for a blown away feeling at the end, but all I got was a “whomp whomp”. So, if you are in the mood for disappointment, check out this book, if you aren’t in the market for that, steer clear. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars, ONLY because the beginning and middle were great.


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