Only Daughter


Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra is a beautifully written and perfectly flowing view on family secrets, surprises, and twisting tales that don’t just go away. This novel is perfect for a night in, while sipping tea or wine, and really diving into the world of another families deepest, darkest truths.

Rebecca Winter was only 16 years old when she went missing. Before that she was living her typical life as a teenager, working, dealing with boys and friends, but there was something else that she didn’t disclose to anyone. She continuously had black outs at night, and she felt that there was someone or something watching her. She never had the chance to tell anyone this because she soon disappeared.

Eleven years later a woman gets arrested in a grocery store, and claims to be Rebecca. Even though she isn’t, not even close. The only thing going for this woman, is that the two girls look mysteriously alike. Almost to the point that they could be sisters, or even twins. Rebecca’s parents are so happy to have their daughter home, that they don’t question how different this new found girl actually is. They invite her to stay in their home, and to continue their lives to try and patch up what was lost, only this girl finds out too soon that she is not as safe as she thinks.

I wish I could read this book again for the first time, it was so rich with visionary writing, and the story kept me guessing even though I have read many books in this genre. I want to know more, and I want to dive into this story from every angle. It is a book that will keep your interest from start to finish. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, and I received this from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


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