The Perfect Girl


From the author of What She Knew, Gilly Macmillan, comes another psychological thriller that makes you wonder about who you know, and what you know about them. If you are looking for a book with a complete air of mystery over it, this ones for you, if you want a book where you aren’t quite sure where it’s going, this is definitely for you.

Zoe is a musical prodigy, and her piano skills are going to take her places. That is if her past doesn’t catch up to her first. What people in her new town don’t know is that Zoe was in a car accident a couple of years ago and the accident killed three people. Even though Zoe feels guilty and ashamed of her past, she doesn’t want it to define her, she has done her time and now it’s best to move on.

That is until her mother is murdered, and she doesn’t know where to turn. Does someone know what she did and is taking their revenge out on her poor mom? Is this some freak accident, or a completely unrelated homicide? Also, what happens to Zoe’s newly blended family now that her mother has passed away?

Okay, so I was so-so with this book. I really liked all of the different perspectives from different characters, and I also liked how it went back and forth in time, but it was sort of hard to get into the story because it seemed so ethereal and hazy in a way. Like, you knew what was going on, but you didn’t get the whole picture-and that bothered me for some reason. I didn’t quite like Macmillan’s book What She Knew, and maybe it’s just her writing style but when I am reading about a character I want to know exactly what they are thinking, and I didn’t get that with this book. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, and received it as part of a book tour from TLC Book Tours.


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