Don’t Speak


Don’t Speak by J.L. Brown is not the typical thriller that I reach for off the shelves, but due to the interesting plot, I definitely felt that this was going to be worth it for me. Especially being a debut, I had high hopes! I was intrigued by the idea of the suspicious deaths of conservative radio show hosts, and how that played out in the upcoming election year (in the book and also it leaked into our real lives as well). When FBI agent Jade Harrington is called to investigate, we see how politics and entertainment can collide in the deadliest of ways. This was a book where I appreciated the authors intensity and the characters in the novel, those aspects really brought the book to life.

What I truly thought was interesting about this book was not only did the murder of the radio show host need to be solved, but there was this deep seeded talk of conservative vs. liberal, and that is exactly what type of conversations I see online and in person on a day to day basis in my real life. Even though I am not a political person, this different perspective really kept my interest for this story. Once Jade realizes that the talk show host may have been murdered by a serial killer, the story just explodes and the adrenaline flows like a river.

Another aspect of this book that I always find very intriguing, is the perspective of the killer. Even though we don’t know who it is, it’s fun to watch a little splash of their personality peek through, and then when we find out at the end who we are dealing with, you can see how that personal has corroborated every part of the story with out the reader even realizing it.

One of the things that I really didn’t like about this book was that Jade seemed like a very “typical” FBI agent or main character in a detective mystery. She’s lonely, closed off, and buttoned up. I wanted to see her character blossom, and maybe show a little bit of heart and charisma. Though I still think these characters leap off the page, this was one where I felt there could have been extra attention added.

Since this was not my usual book, I had to go outside the box and rate it with out being biased. I usually shy away from political thrillers because I just don’t understand them most of the time, but since this book has so many layers, and so many different ways to talk about politics, I felt like it was more than just a political novel. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, it really was a heart pounding ride, exciting and deliberate. I received this book thanks to the OnlineBookClub review program, check the book out on the website here.


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