Terror in Ypsilanti


There are two reasons why this book, Terror in Ypsilanti by Gregory A. Fournier, freaked me out. One, it’s the true story of a serial killer named John Norman Collins, and two-I went to the school in Ypsilanti where he stalked his victims. Of course this happened before I was born, but due to the fact that I stood in some of the same places that these women did, really shook me to my core. I had never heard about this man before I read this book, and if I had, I probably would have never went to Eastern Michigan University.

People that live in bigger cities will probably think I’m silly for getting so spooked about this, because murder happens all over, but coming from a small town, these things don’t happen, so when I read this book I was instantly creeped out and thoroughly engaged in the story. In the 1960’s a series of murders of young women happened in the town of Ypsilanti (Ip-sa-lan-tee), Michigan. For many years police and investigators could not find a link between the murders, but assumed that they were all connected because the seven women were found in some what the same way, and since the killings were so close together they could only imagine that it was the same murderer.

The killer, now known as John Norman Collins must have gotten too comfortable with his killings, because he made a grave mistake and killed his last victim in his uncle’s basement while his uncle and his family were away on vacation. In this book you will find the stories of the investigations, the court reportings, and pretty much any information you could want to know about this case. The author did an incredible job researching this murderer, and I do believe he is a Michigan native as well. I commend him for all the hard work that he put into this book, and I really suggest that everyone read it. It is a compelling story that kept me intrigued and terrified the entire time! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it was amazing, and I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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