The Boy is Back


Meg Cabot is back with a brand spankin’ new adult novel called The Boy is Back. For anyone who doesn’t know, Meg is the author of the beloved young adult series The Princess Diaries. Apparently this is the next installment in the Boy series for Meg, which I wasn’t aware of, but truthfully you can read this as a stand alone and still get the same effect.

Although I really have a love/hate relationship with the books that can be read through emails, Facebook posts, and text messages like The Boy is Back, sometimes I feel that the characters and their intentions can get muddled too much. I really enjoy books like this when there are only one or two, maybe three, characters, that all have one specific intention and you can really delve into their secret lives. This book wasn’t like this, it was told from many different points of view, sometimes too confusing to understand, and honestly the premise of the book was so boring I set it down a couple of times in order to just think about why I was still reading it.

Apparently a man named Reed Stewart is a pretty well to-do guy who happens to come back into town after his parents get arrested for trying to pay a bill with a postage stamp (come on now, I literally spent pages and pages hearing about this…boring), and the girl he left in high school Becky is all excited (even though she pretends not to be) that he’s back and maybe they can get their second chance at love.

If you have read any romance novel or seen any rom-com movie you know how this little plot ends, and I just have to say I was really intrigued with the way the book was written but it fell soooo flat for me. I was over it after the first 50 pages, but I soldiered on because I was hoping for something that resembled the Princess Diaries that I so loved. I was sadly mistaken. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars, and I received it from TLC book tours in exchange for an honest review.


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