#BabyLove-My Toddler Life


I bet this cute little story will hit home for many momma’s and daddy’s with toddlers out there. #BabyLove My Toddler Life by Corine Deghanpisheh (phew that’s a mouth full) is the bright and funny story about a little boy that finds his mom’s phone and decides to take pictures of himself. After all, his mom does that too.

I read this book with my three year old and we both got a kick out of it, not only is the story entertaining, but the illustrations are bright, colorful and go great with the story. When a little boy finds his mom’s phone he takes pictures of himself, the dog, and anything else he can find. When mom sees that he’s taken her phone without permission it’s the perfect teaching moment, not only for the boy, but also for mom. The moral of the story? Put down your phone and pay attention to the ones you love.

This story is perfect for this day and age, we are always so busy, and so wrapped up in what we are doing that sometimes we forget the little things, like just playing with our kids. If you want a story with a good moral, check this one out. It’s special, and will have you and your child going back for more again and again. I loved it! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, and I received this book from the author, so thank you so much Corine!


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