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Out of Practice


Out of Practice is book four in the Breakup Doctor series. If you want to check out my other reviews of this series please go here: Heart Conditions. In this series Brook Ogden runs a successful practice where she helps people who are going through break ups. Hence the “breakup doctor”. Now, Brook’s relationship is on the mend and she is going to get married in the very near future. Her life looks good, her practice is running smoothly, and her friends are still by her side.

Then she gets a call from a local television show, one that is hosted by a person she used to be somewhat friends, but more enemies, Brook jumps at the chance to get on TV. That all seems to go downhill when the interview turns sour and the host starts to make it seem like she’s out for blood. To top it all of, Brook has things going on in her personal life that are tearing her apart. The sudden loss of someone close means that she will have to keep her family together, and help her mother who doesn’t seem to be with it like she used to be.

I really enjoy the covers of these books, they are so stunning to look at, and actually fit the genre nicely. Not that I judge books by their covers (haha we all know I do), but the content in the book matches perfectly with what you see on the cover. All of Fox’s books have been really in depth, funny, charismatic and a real hit with me. You are going to fall in love with Brook and her posse of fun friends, plus knowing this is the last book in the series makes the storyline and the ending all the more beautiful.

I am so thankful that Phoebe Fox provided me with her books so that I could dive into Brook’s world and really get to know her story. I plan on heading back to the beginning at some point in the future, and if you haven’t checked out these books yet, what is stopping you? I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it was a pure delight.


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