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Scripture Doodle


This was a breath of fresh air. I really really enjoyed Scripture Doodle by April Knight, which is a six-week devotional experience. Basically, this book, that is about the size of your standard coloring book, with thick white pages and lovely writing, gives you exercises and prompts in order to get right with your spiritual side.

It was so fun to just sit back, relax, and really think deeply about what I was drawing, doodling, experiencing and seeing on these pages. I had a lot of fun digging deeper into my soul, and discovering ways that scripture can have a hold on my heart.

I don’t think that this book is meant to be taken all at once, but more piece by piece, day by day or even week by week, if you have a little time, just go sit with this book and really feel the experience. I definitely did. This book will teach you to be gracious for what you have, humble, and how to clear your head while seeing the bigger picture.

I wish I had more books like this, because not only was it fun, but it brought me deeper into myself. I thin that anyone that enjoys more spiritual coloring books will really like this book for sure!


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