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One Perfect Lie


A story told in three parts, One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline, is the perfect mixture of suspense, thrills and a moral mystery that will captivate you from the very beginning. I honestly had no idea which way this books plot was going to go, and at the beginning of the book I thought something completely different was going to happen, and when I first met Chris Brennan, the main character, I thought he was going to be the bad guy, and yet he turned out to be a hero.

When Chris/Curt (His real name) shows up at CVHS to apply for a teaching job, no one is the wiser that he’s actually not a teacher, and nothing he tells the staff is the truth at all. His whole plan is to go undercover so that he can scout the boys baseball team. Not for the reason you may think, but instead he’s trying to find who could be behind a terrorist plot set to happen on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. He is pretty sure that one of the baseball team members is involved, but he can’t be positive which one. In order to find out the truth he must fix himself into the lives of the kids that he thinks may be involved.

That’s when things get complicated. Chris starts to really are for the team members, especially Jordan, Evan and Raz. He sees potential in all of them, and even develops a crush on Jordan’s mom Heather. While he isn’t sure which team member is behind the bomb plot, he’s not going to stop until the whole thing gets dismantled. Then, when one of his fellow teachers is found dead, the thread that was so well constructed starts to unravel, so Chris has to unveil his true identity in the unlikeliest of ways.

Like I said, this book was fun of suspense, and every page was like taking a turn into the unknown. Even though it had it’s downfalls here and there, the book really kept my interest. With it’s different points of view, from Raz, Evan and Jordan’s mothers to Chris himself, you get to see how their lives intertwine and may possibly collapse before your eyes. Lisa Scottoline is a name that I genuinely love to read and so I definitely picked this book up strictly because of the name of the author, and I’m glad I did. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I received this book from Netgalley.


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