Bring Her Home


This book will get you right in the feels, plus the mind bending twists and turns will keep your head spinning. I adored David Bell’s Bring Her Home and I truly think that you will too.

Bill lost his wife over a year ago, and with her birthday coming up, things have been difficult between him and his 15 year old daughter Summer. When Summer and her best friend Haley come up missing, Bill can’t seem to stop hunting, searching, and trying to delve into the depths of what Summer could have been up to, and where she could have gone. Then he gets a call that he won’t ever forget, Summer has been found and she’s in the hospital. She’s beaten pretty badly, but she’s breathing. He rushes to her side, and doesn’t move for days. Then, when Summer starts to say “no no no no no” when he tells her that he’s there, he gets a strange feeling, which is only confirmed by his sister, Paige, the girl in the bed isn’t Summer, it’s Haley, who they thought was dead.

Given this new piece of information, Bill has to give up his hope, that Summer is alive, but now he must wait until Haley is healed so that he can find out what really happened to the girls, and get to the bottom of what Summer has been up to. But then another bombshell shakes his world up more than he can ever imagine.

Even though this book seemed a little long at some points, the twists kept coming, which made it page turning and made me eager for more. I really enjoyed learning about Summer’s life, and the repercussions of Bill’s actions. He is a man that will stop at nothing to get answers for his daughter and for himself. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, although toward the end it got a little far fetched for me, the intrigue is still there. I received this book from Netgalley.


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