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Every Wild Heart


Every Wild Heart by Meg Donohue is a fiction novel about the relationship between mother and daughter, and since I just had a baby girl I kind of thought this would be the perfect little novel to read. It was honestly so quick and easy to read! I had it done in less than 24 hours, and thats with an almost 2 month old and a 3 year old demanding my attention.

Radio DJ by night, mom by day, Gail Gideon sets her own path in the world. Her fourteen year old daughter Nic seems to be the opposite. SHe’s quiet, shy, and riddled with anxiety about school. The only thing that seems to pull Nic out of her shell is her horse Tru. While Gail works, Nic rides and life is pretty decent between the two until Nic falls off her horse and suffers a bran injury. To make matters worse, it seems Gail has a stalker. Someone who listens to her show that can’t get over something that Gail said one night.

When Nic comes out of her coma following the fall, she seems to be a different girl, she’s out going, and ready to make new friends. Especially with the new boy in town, Lucas. He just so happens to be her senior buddy as well, which makes getting close to him even easier. But could the pair get too close? And is Lucas hiding something from Nic?

When worse comes to worst, and Gail’s stalker gets too close for comfort, we see how friends and family come together to make sure nothing bad happens to the ones they love. Unless Nic has something else up her sleeve…

Like I said this book was a quick read, and it kept me entertained thoroughly, but I honesty felt like nothing correlated and I was reading quite a few different stories at once. I guess I don’t really see where the real cement between everything that happened in the book actually was, but that doesn’t make it a bad story. I enjoyed learning about Nic and her change in attitude toward school and boys, but I didn’t quite connect with Gail, she seemed a little into herself and that rubbed me the wrong way. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, I definitely plan on checking out more from this author, but I hope her next book is a little more cohesive.






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