My Dream Author Panel


I may be one of the few, but I have never gone to a book conference, book panel, or a book expo! I live in Michigan, so these things aren’t abundant (Although I am planning on going to the first annual Detroit Festival of Books this year! This being said, I was inspired by an amazing site called Eventbrite, which is an online event registration site, and they asked an interesting question that I’ve never thought about. Who would you want on your very own dream author panel?

This question stumped me for a minute, but then when I really thought about it, I knew exactly who I would want to see on my panel. I have a few favorite authors, and although they may write slightly different genres, they all have a special place in my heart. So here we go:

Stephen King


Considered one of the greatest, if not THE greatest horror novel author of all time, I have been reading Stephen King novels since I was a kid. ( I probably shouldn’t have been but my parents were just happy that I was reading). I would love to pick his brain, I mean how does he come up with all of these incredibly distinct and out there ideas? His imagination is the envy of many, especially me.

What would I love to ask Stephen King?

  • How psychologically messed up are you? (In the most loving way).
  • Are you a believer of conspiracy theories?
  • How have you managed to write books for so many decades?
  • Have you ever thought of writing a different type of genre?
  • Who is your favorite author?

Jodi Picoult


OMG I love her books, and to be able to say thank you to her for opening my mind and throwing all those twists and turns at me would be a dream! She’s so smart, she does her research, and she is an incredible story teller. If there was an author I would want to be, it would be her. I would also want to know where the heck she gets her ideas as well, I mean, all of her books are so unique and the stories are rich with dialogue that seems real, and story lines that connect with your heart and your mind.

What would I love to ask Jodi Picoult?

  • Where did you find time to write while raising children? ( I can barely brush my hair)
  • Your ideas are incredible, where do you get inspiration?
  • What is your favorite part about doing research for a novel?
  • You’ve said that The Notebook was the worst book you’ve ever read, did you like the movie?
  • What was the go to book to read to your children as a bedtime story?

Diane Chamberlain


I honestly don’t think this woman has ever written a bad book. I would love to just sit down, have coffee, and chit chat with her. She seems so down to earth and fun to talk to. I follow her on Facebook, and she regularly asks her readers their opinions on names for characters, names for books, and often times throws out ideas the she would like feedback on. She just seems like a great friend.

What would I ask Diane Chamberlain?

  • Will you PLEASE use my name for one of your villians in a future book?
  • What was one of the first things that you ever wrote?
  • I’ve seen on Facebook that you usually have more than one idea floating around at once, how do you keep them all organized?
  • What is your favorite thing to eat or drink while you are writing?
  • Do you have any children? If so, do they read your books?

Chevy Stevens


My favorite Canadian author as of right now, all of her books that I have read have thrown me for a loop. Her books are well thought out and go against the grain. I would love to know more about where she gets inspiration for her novels.

What would I ask Chevy Stevens?

  • What would be your dream cast for one of your novels?
  • Which book was the most difficult to write?
  • How do you find time to write while raising a family?
  • Have any of your real life encounters inspired a character in a book?
  • How do you keep your plots so different, even though your books are in the same genre?


Well there you go, that’s my dream team! I would love to know who you would like on your dream panel. What questions would you ask?


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