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The Day I Died


Thankfully I am typing this and not writing it out by hand, because after reading The Day I Died by Lori Rader-Day, I am a little bit worried about what someone can glean from my hand writing. Would they know I am left handed and always writing as fast as I possibly can Or could they find out that I have anxiety and a fear of bridges? I know that the main character in this novel, Anna Winger, would know that for sure- and she would probably be able to tell I have a short temper, as well as the fact that I’m a mom (She’s that good). Anna has been hired by many companies to get to the bottom of mysteries, just by looking at the way that someone writes, and she has a pretty perfect rap sheet.

Now, the sheriff’s department of the new town that she and her middle school aged son, Joshua, just moved into, has their very own mystery on their hands. They want Anna’s help to find out what happened to two year old Aidan Ransey and his mom, Leila. Could she have taken him? Or is it something to do with his dad, Bo? Anna is determined to find out, even if some of the police officers don’t believe in her “hocus pocus”. While trying to dodge bullets from her well concealed past, Anna is on the verge of a breakthrough with the Ransey case. She’s also juggling her son’s school mishaps, and the football booster team, you know, all in a day’s work.

This book was labeled a psychological thriller, which you may know is my favorite type of book. I really didn’t see it as that, though it was quite dark at points, and the mystery of Anna’s past, it didn’t give me the psychological mind twist that I was hoping for. Anna, through out the entire novel, is running from something, and it seems like it’s getting closer and closer to biting her, but with everything else going on in the book, it sort of had a lackluster conclusion. I guess, I just found the details of the book to be way too into the minutiae, and there was too much going on for me to really focus on one part of the story.

The saving grace for this novel was the whole handwriting analysis plot, I thought it was so intriguing and something that I’ve always found an interest in learning more about. It’s amazing to me that you can find out how a person acts, and how they feel, just by looking at the way they put pen to paper. All in all, this was a decent story, just lacked a few things that I thought would make it spectacular. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, which isn’t a bad rating, but see for yourself because it’s on sale now!


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