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A Suitable Lie


Being a widower, especially with a young son, was hard for Andy Boyd, but then one night he meets the beautiful Anna, and his life will be forever changed. A Suitable Lie by Michael J Malone is enticing, engrossing and completely immersing. I felt like I was Andy in this book, and his feelings were my feelings, it was an incredible thing to experience.

When Andy first meets Anna, the two couldn’t be any more alike. It does help that she’s gorgeous as well, and soon the two are married. That’s when the destructions begins. On their wedding night, Anna gets physical with Andy, and not in the way he was hoping. She punches him, and though it’s seemingly an accident, Andy can’t seem to get it off his mind.

Then Anna’s mood starts to change, and she becomes jealous, controlling, and even more physically abusive. Soon, Andy doesn’t want any part of this relationship anymore, and he decides to separate from Anna. That’s when she tells him she’s pregnant, and being the good guy that Andy is, he decides to take her back one more time, he doesn’t want to put his child in harms way, and this could be the only possible way to protect his unborn baby.

The abuse doesn’t end, it just gets worse and worse, until the ultimate price is paid. When Andy finds out a secret that Anna has been keeping from him, his world is rearranged and lost forever. It seems that his marriage isn’t all it looked to be, and now that the secret is out, he has to do something about it.

This book was so intense. I had to take a break every now and again, even though my mind was telling me not to put it down! I was getting so upset at Anna, and at times at Andy, for not leaving this crazy woman! The complexity of the relationship was real, and the fact that the abuser was a woman made for an interesting twist, it just made your heart hurt even more for Andy. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it was a real shocker, and a powerful story that I can’t stop thinking about, even though I read it days ago.


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