Just The Right Book!


Just The Right Book! is an incredible monthly book box that sends you a uniquely selected book based on your interests. This site was so kind as to send me a free book as a gift to show my followers. I received this cute little gift in the mail, wrapped up like it was my birthday!

I told the people on the site that I was interested in Stephen King, thrillers, and contemporary fiction, they picked out a book that they thought I would like, and surprisingly they did a great job.


They sent Bird Box by Josh Malerman, which is a book that I have read before, but I did indeed enjoy it very much, so the site did a great job! They picked a book based on my taste and I am very happy with this selection. I did not own this book before I received this lovely gift in the mail, so I am excited to add this book to my collection (and to re-read it).

Now about the subscription:

You can choose either a hard cover or soft cover book to be delivered to you every month, and you can choose between adult books, YA books or even children’s books (I think that is incredible, I would love to get a children’s book box every month for my kids!!) You can also choose between 4 books, 6 books, or 12 books, as well as how often you receive the books. You can also choose to pay the amount in full, or in installments depending on the length of your subscription. This is such a cool idea, I am so thankful I was able to take part!

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