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Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible


Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible by David Jeremiah is a fun filled adventure that teaches kids all about the bible, in a way they will never forget. What I love about this book is that it teaches kids scripture, but it also takes them on an adventure with the Genesis Exploration Squad, a team that jumps from story to story, exploring the wonder that is the bible. Another feature that I love about this book is how high quality it is, the cover is squishy, shiny, and very well made. The pictures inside are color, bright, and detailed. Something that will keep your child’s interest for sure.

This book will give your child a great understanding of what the bible is about, and what all of the stories pertain to, as well as the lessons that can be retained from each story. I gave this bible to my step-son, and he has been reading it non stop since he got it. It is so much fun that he doesn’t even realize he’s learning.

There are notes on the sidebars of the pages, to help further explain what is going on in the story, and these are great little lesson plans you can read along with your child. Even though this book is geared toward children from ages seven to eleven, I found myself skimming through it more than once, reading a story, and learning just as my child will.

If you are interested in a well put together, and well thought out study bible for your child, this is the perfect one. Not only will it take them through the bible, but it shows how fun it can be to learn. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, I received this from BookLook Bloggers.

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