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Best Ways to Get ARC Books-2017


Two years ago I wrote a blog post called Best Ways to Get ARC Books, which was (and still is) a highly popular post on my blog. Since then, I have discovered a couple different places, and have gained insight on different ways to receive ARC books. Also, some of the websites are outdated, or no longer exist, so I figured this updated version would help everyone immensely.

First, let me explain what an ARC is. ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy, and it’s a book that many people receive before the book becomes published, in order for the publishers and authors to see how the public will take to the book. It’s a great way to read newly released books before any of your friends!

These books are given for free, in exchange for reviews on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads, and basically any other website that reviews are posted. Okay, so here goes nothing:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.14.42 AM

Bookstr is formally The Reading Room, which is one of my favorite places to request ARCs. Under the Giveaways tab, there are a select few books to request. The unfortunate thing is, these giveaways won’t last. The site is changing how they do their giveaways, so I will keep you updated once I find out more.


Blogging For Books has some really awesome books! You can only request one at a time, but you are almost always guaranteed that book if they have them available at the time of the request. The site sends out new releases, as well as some older books. From Christian literature to YA, there is something for everyone there. Once you receive the book, you have to read it, review it, and post on your site before you can request another book. I love this layout, because it keeps you responsible for the inevitably long TBR that we all have.


This site is a little harder for me to suggest, because I have never won a giveaway from Good Reads, but it is still somewhere to find wonderful books from a plethora of genres. The Giveaway section has tons of pages full of books that you can request, there are many different number of books that are given away any given day of the week. It’s fun, and a surprise if you win won. Let me know if you have ever won a book from this site!


Library Thing is a fun little site that reminds me a bit of Good Reads, because it has reviews, giveaways and tons of other information about the book world. I have one a few early reviewer copies from this site, and I love it because it’s so easy to request. It’s literally a click of the request button and you are in, though it’s hard to win a book from here as well, it’s still fun to try. There are also physical copies and e-books, so be aware of which type you are requesting.

PYR logo

Penguin Teen has a reviewer program for young readers, they give out YA books that many people would be interested in reviewing. I am not a part of this program, but have heard many great things about it. I don’t have that much interested in the YA genre, but for those who do, this would be an amazing program to get into! You have to fill out a request for for the book that you want, and although you are gauranteed to receive the book, it is well worth the try.


Netgalley is one of my all time favorite ways to get ARC books. There are so many different genres on this site, such as mystery, thriller, non-fiction, true crime, and the list just goes on and on. One of the interesting things about this site is that everything is an e-galley. So, make sure you have a Kindle or another reading device, or else you are going to have a hard time reading these books. I have read some really great, popular novels, from this site, and also titles that are from smaller publishing companies. There is no limit to how many books you can request, so check it out! I love this site so much.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.20.44 AM.png

This used to be, but the site has now changed to It’s still the same site that you can request e-galleys of popular books, but it has a different format than it used to when I first posted this list in 2015. I find it harder to receive books from this site, but they have some really great titles! If you can get approved, definitely take your chances on this one.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.21.52 AM.png

If you are interested in Christian and spirituality based books, then Tyndale Blog Network is a great resource. I have found many great fiction, non fiction, self help, children’s and YA books through this site. They all have some basis in spirituality, but there are definitely stories that are geared toward everyone. These books are either physical or e-books, I always get the physical copy because I love having the actual book to look at.

BookLook Logo With HC.JPG

This is the Harper Collins Christian Publishing site, Book Look Bloggers. It’s a great resource for bibles, children’s bibles, fiction, non-fiction and anything you can think of that could suit your needs. Some books are not spirituality based, but most are. The site offers physical copies of books, as well as e-books.


Story Cartel is a wonderful resource for independent authors, the authors submit their book to the site in exchange for your honest review. You can review a ton of books on this site, and your are helping new and up and coming authors get their stories out there! It’s really a win/win.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 7.13.54 AM.png

First to Read offers digital galleys ones a month for people who interact on their site. You get points for requesting books, reviewing books, and simply just signing it. This is a great site for people who love all different types of books! It can be hard to get enough points to request a book, but they do offer some wonderful titles here.

Author Websites

Naturally, if you find a book by an author that you love, contacting them through their website can be very helpful! Go to their site, and click on “contact”, this will send you to their email address, and then you can submit your request for whatever book it is that you want to read! It’s that simple. Though sometimes they won’t answer, or agree to let you receive the book, it’s still worth a try.

Book Tour Sites

There are so many book tour sites out there, go to your favorite search engine and type in book tour site, and tons of opportunities pop up. For example:

TLC Book Tours

Xpresso Book Tours

Sage’s Book Tours

Enchanted Book Promotions

Pump Up Your Book

and that’s just on the first page! If you narrow down to genre of books, I’m sure you could find a ton more.

These are just the ARC sites that I have found, I guarantee you that there are many more out there, you just have to go out and explore. If you do know of anymore sites, please add them in the comments below so I can add them to the incredible list! I hope that these resources help out the book blogging community, because I know they’ve carried me a long way.

14 thoughts on “Best Ways to Get ARC Books-2017”

  1. In order to win giveaways on Goodreads, you have to review books. The more books you review, the more giveaways you will win. For example, I read and reviewed more than 200 books in 2017, and I won more than 30 giveaways. There is some algorithm they use based on the number of reviews you do, and how long it takes you to review the book after you receive the giveaway. Netgalley, for example, expects you to review at least 80 percent of the books you receive.

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  2. I’ve won three or four books on Goodreads. In the past month, 2 of the places where I used to received books (Blogging for Books and Parragon Book Buddies) have closed. I’ve also been locked out of Book Look Bloggers for about a year. It makes me wonder about the future of print books. Seems like everything is going to ebooks (which I don’t really love.)

    One other suggestion I have – enter giveaways on book blogs. I give away about 10-15 books each month, and many other book bloggers do the same.


    1. What is the name of your blog? I am always looking for more book bloggers to read and get reviews for books from. 🙂


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