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Crimes Against a Book Club


I finished this book in like 12 hours, I couldn’t put it down. I was even reading it on my phone in the car while we were running errands, that’s something that I never do. Crimes Against a Book Club by Kathy Cooperman is an unexpected and hilarious story about how far women will go in order to save their children.

Annie’s son Oscar needs a plethora of interventions, including therapy, since he has recently been diagnosed with high functioning autism. Annie’s best friend Sarah has had 3 rounds of IVF, and this is the last time she’s going to try. There’s just so much you can put your body through before you realize that maybe something isn’t right for you. She desperately wants a baby, but considering this is her last chance, she’s willing to do almost anything to get pregnant.

When Annie attends a book club in La Jolla, California, the women that attend are rich, beautiful and willing to spend thousands of dollars on practically anything. So, that’s when Annie gets the idea that in order to make enough money for Oscar’s therapy and Sarah’s IVF, they have to trick these women into believing that their concoction of potions is the newest and best face cream around- one that will take 10 years off your skin in an instant.

Sarah and Annie make up a story about how Sarah is in the loop with famous celebrities that use this product, and though no one knows what’s actually in it, it’s all the rage in Hollywood. In truth, it’s just a bunch of drug store creams mixed together with some rosemary, and Annie’s secret cocaine that she stole from her brother.

That’s right, I said cocaine. Not even Sarah knows the secret ingredient to the cream, but soon it’s the best selling thing around town. At two grand a pop, the girls can barely keep up with demand, and Annie can barely find the cocaine she needs in order to keep these women coming back for more.

When a La Jolla woman holding a grudge against Sarah sends the cream to a lab to expose the ingredients online, she finds out more than she bargained for, and soon the local authorities are all over the distributors.

This book made such an unexpectedly hilarious turn, I just had to know what became of Annie and her best friend Sarah. There were so many components to this book, like if Sarah ever gets pregnant, if Annie gets convicted of narcotics distribution, and most of all what happens to the women who have been using the drug filled cream? I mean who could think this up! I loved this book so much, it was definitely a great surprise. Plus, it was so easy and quick to read, I definitely have to find more books by this author. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, pure gold, or pure cocaine, whatever works for you.


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