The Grumpface-Kid’s Book


A gorgeously illustrated book in rhyme, The Grumpface by B.C.R. Fegan and illustrated by D.Frongia will delight children and parents, even if the Grumpface has a perpetual frown.

The Grumpface has been cursed with his sour expression, and he lives in a forest named Ho, near the village of Hay. Each time someone crosses him in the forest, he captures them, and the only way that they can get free is to do three tasks for him. One day, Dafty Dan decides he wants to pick a rose for his crush, but he stumbles across the Grumpface and gets captured. Dan proceeds to go to great heights for his love, although he seems to be losing every task that he is presented with.

The last task that Dan is put through, he finally succeeds, even though the Grumpface is astonished, he must let him go, until Dan realizes he hasn’t come back with the item that the Grumpface asked for. That’s when something magical happens, and Dan may be able to get the flower to his dear crush after all.

The illustrations in this book are so pure and gorgeous, it was like looking at a movie. I absolutely adored it, and your children will too! Plus the store is just too darn cute, I give this book 5 out of  5 stars, a great fairytale type story that is Dr. Seussian in it’s own way.



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