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I have recently discovered a really cool website that I wanted to share with all my fellow bookworms. Trip Fiction is a beautiful resource for finding books set in a specific location. If you are going to be traveling, and want to find a book that is set in the town that you are going to be visiting, Trip Fiction is the perfect spot to find some really great titles.

The site also features a blog, where the contributors to the site talk about different books that have been added to the site, or different places that they have been. It’s really fun to browse through the blog postings. There is also a news section where you can find author spotlights and book recommendations. Plus you can recommend books that you have read, and even review the books that are already on the site.

This is just a really awesome place to find books, even if you don’t plan on traveling to the setting any time soon.

Since I live near Ann Arbor, Michigan, I decided to type that into the search bar. Lo and behold, I found a book:

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It’s that easy!

I recently talked to the creator of Trip Fiction, Tina Hartas, and she described her ambition to design the website. She explained to me that she enjoys traveling, and often likes to read books set in the place that she is currently visiting. It was hard for her to find certain books, and she knew if there was one spot for all of the great fiction that was out there, and she could find it with the click of a button, it would make her search for those books so much easier. Not only that, but she could get an idea of what books were good representations of the places she was visiting, and which books were better left on the shelf. She wanted a community of book and travel lovers, and that is definitely what she got!

Go check out the site guys, it’s really something.


9 thoughts on “Trip Fiction

      1. There are many people who want to see Kansas, especially after the amazing descriptions (set within a challenging storyline) in the Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel…


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