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Life Would Suck Without You


Life Would Suck Without You is the story of four friends, and the mischief that they cause. This book is a feel good memoir, written by Jennifer Preuss to show how female friendships can be bonded in love, laughs and compassion. Girls and women don’t always have to be fighting against each other, sometimes we can bond together to create really amazing friendships!

Jennifer explores her relationships with each of the three women that she befriends in California, and describes hilarious little snippets of their lives, like the time that the girls ended up at a female strip club, and Jen received a lap dance from one of the strippers for her bachelorette party.

Then as friendships tend to do, the girls drift apart. (I keep calling them girls, but they are women). Jen doesn’t speak to her best friend Cecelia for over two years. That is until she finds out that Cecelia’s husband has been diagnosed with cancer. She does what any good friend would do, and runs to Cecelia’s side, and it ends up like the two were never separated.

This is such a sweet and pure account of how strong and powerful friendships can be. We can count on our friends to be there for us, even when we haven’t heard from them in a long time. This book is short too, and I read it in one sitting. Although I felt that some of the stories started off in the middle, or didn’t give enough information to “get” them, it was still a cute book and I had fun reading it. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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