The Deified


I love books that give us a peak into worlds that we may not understand fully. The Deified by MJ Moore takes us into the world of a cult, and explores how a persons followers can become mixed up in the ideals and beliefs of someone who is utterly evil. This book tells the story of six women who have come to believe a man named Jude is their savior.

In reality, Jude is an evil man, who has a plan to impregnate as many of these women as he can, and to give the world his children- ones he calls the Deified. This group of people lives on an orchard, where they grow their own food, and work for Jude in the fields and on the farm. When a newcomer shows up, and takes the reigns of the new world, and the eye of Jude, the truth comes out, and terror reigns over the women and their children.

This story starts off in a random neighborhood, with a seemingly innocent woman who gets invited to a neighborhood barbecue. Soon, though, a bloody massacre ensues, and the woman may not be so innocent after all. She thought she hid herself well from the people who ruined her life, but when they come to her new neighborhood with guns blazing, she knows the have found her and will do anything to get her back.

Soon, we are thrust into the world of Jude and his dream to create a new world with no rules and his own children who will have to endure many evil things in order to show they are worthy. Honestly, it can get pretty gruesome in this book, but the author writes such vivid scenes that it feels real.

When I was reading this book, I kept feeling glimpses of Jim Jones and the People’s Temple creation that killed hundreds of people. The idea that a man who has such good intentions in the beginning, can soon become evil is an incredibly interesting topic for me. I have always been interested in the idea of cults, and where the leaders feel their power comes from, so this book was an utter thrill to read. Not only was it chilling, but it was informative. You can definitely tell that MJ did her research before writing this book.

Even though this book doesn’t seem to be too popular on Goodreads or Amazon, it’s honestly a really good read! If you are into thrillers, blood, gore and being a little bit scared at the words you read, then definitely pick up this book. It’s creepy, but super detailed and incredible. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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