Novel Blogs

Hey everyone! I have been working with the awesome new website for authors called Novel Blogs ( <—click the link it’s really cool! It’s all about the authors on this site! If you are an author who is looking for some really great reviews all you have to do is sign up and post your book for reviewers to download. There are over 2,000 reviewers on the site already! These reviews get posted on Amazon as well as personal blogs so that means a lot of exposure for you!

Check out the reading list of some amazing books:

And if you have a book you want to add why not check out the author area and add your book!

If you are also interested in checking out my page over there go to There’s nothing there yet but it would be nice to have someone look at my hard work lol.

I am never going to stop my awesome blog Comfy Reading so don’t get the wrong idea. I am trying to make a relationship between indie authors and myself and I really think this site will do some good!

Would you all be so kind as to follow my Facebook page as well I will love you forever and will also follow you on whatever social media you have. Just let me know.

Could you also please share this post with your author friends who may be looking for a wide range of blogging audience? Thank you again so much!!!

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