Hello, Sunshine


Sunshine Mackenzie is all set to star in the cooking show of her dreams, that is until her twitter gets hacked and her marriage, career, and everything else she worked so hard for comes crashing down on her 35th birthday. Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave is a witty, heartfelt, and charmingly funny take on lying, losing, and pulling yourself back up by your boot straps.

Even though she can’t cook, Sunshine, or Sunny has a cooking show that is set to air in the next couple of months. Her fake Youtube channel, and her pretend recipes have created her image, but all these lies soon come back to haunt her when her twitter gets hacked by a person using the #aintnosunshine tag. Soon, the world finds out that Sunshine can’t cook, she may have cheated on her husband, and her entire life is a lie.

Then Sunshine does the only thing she can think of, go back home and find herself (her true self) in her sister’s guest house. She needs to hide away for a while, and although she hasn’t talked to her sister in years, she can’t think of anywhere else to go. Not that her sister is too happy to see her anyway.

After a huge bombshell, Sunshine is forced to talk to her husband, even though he wants a divorce, and she finds out some seriously crazy things that could change her life forever. Who is behind the big hack, and what else can she do to get her life back in order?

Although this book was short, it was such a pleasant read. I found that Sunny wasn’t that likable in the beginning of the book, because of all the wrongs she has done, but toward the middle, I really started to feel for her. We have all made mistakes, and we have all been caught up in our own BS before in our lives, so to watch her come to terms with what she has done, and try to fix them, was incredible to see. This is a perfect summer read, even the cover is bright and airy-though the story is sometimes serious. I had a lot of fun reading this, and it was a quick read too, definitely something to take to the beach and read in the summer sun. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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