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The Beta Mum Adventures in Alpha Land


A hilarious portrait of what it’s like to be a mom who doesn’t have it all, struggles to fit in, and simply doesn’t care about being the best. The Beta Mum, Adventures in Alpha Land by Isabella Davidson will make you laugh, think, and maybe even cry a little.

Sophie is a Canadian who is happily married with an adorable daughter. When her husband gets a job in London, the family is whisked from their relaxing life into the glitz and glamour of Alpha Land. When Sophie has to look for a nursery school for her daughter, Kaya, she doesn’t realize it’s almost as prestigious as getting into an Ivy League school. The competition to be perfect is crazy, and the moms at the school are beautiful, rich, and petty as hell.

With her dinky little apartment that has a leak in it every other week, it seems, Sophie feels that she’s just not cut out to be in the cliques of the Alpha mom’s, and she finds herself on the outside looking in quite a few times. Also, the fact that her husband’s new job has taken him from forty hours a week to almost double, she’s feeling quite lonely. That’s when she has the brilliant idea to start a blog! She calls it The Beta Mum, and she bases her stories on the ones from the nursery and the families she sees at drop off and pick up- and the occasional play date she can get- with no mention of anyones name’s of course.

Then one drunken night, Sophie makes a blog post about a party, and accidentally mentions the name of the nursery. All hell breaks loose after that, when the Alpha moms start to point fingers at each other, and eventually Sophie. As a mom myself, I found this book quite intriguing, I could relate to Sophie on SO MANY levels, and I just had a blast reading it.

If you are someone who enjoys Sophie Kinsella, then you are going to fall in love with Isabella, she’s got the same wit and sharp story lines-plus the characters in this story will make you laugh. All around, this book was relatable, funny, and I honestly hope that Isabella continues to write stories just like this one! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, one of my favorites of the year by far!!


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