Opal’s Story


Opal’s Story by Phyllis H. Moore is so beautifully written, it takes it’s time, but in a deliciously engrossing way. First, we meet Opal when she’s in her early life, while identifying her husband’s dead body. As tragic and raw as that is, we don’t meet her again until she’s in her 80’s and suffering from a life threatening cancer that has given her a year to live.

The story unfolds in such an amazing way, we learn about Opal in the present day, as an older woman, and she slowly peels away the layers of herself, and the story unfolds as well. There was a murder/suicide in her hometown, Opal being right in the middle of it. To hear her talk about the tragedy, and her triumphant life afterward with her baby boy was inspirational and respectable.

Opal seems like the type of woman that you would want to listen to talk all day, she’s a sweet woman, but underneath you can see she has been through hell and back. The way her story unveils itself is beautiful with perfect timing.

I know I’m not giving much away as far as the plot, but I feel it’s best to go in not knowing much, that way you can really unearth the true story yourself, trust me, it’s better that way.

Every character in this book has their own redeeming qualities, from Reggie to Opal’s son, they are all someone you can relate to, and want to know in your every day life. This was a real treat for me to read, I know that you will enjoy it as well. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, thank you to the author for sending me this wonderful book.

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