Borrow a Bridesmaid


Sometimes you just have to throw your best assets out there, in the case of Borrow a Bridesmaid by Anne Wagener, the main character Piper does just that. She decides that she is going to create a Craig’s List add, and sell herself- as a bridesmaid! I mean if this isn’t genius, then I don’t know what is.

After graduating from college, Piper finds herself out of work, and out of money. Her scheme to become a hired bridesmaid sounds silly at first, but soon she finds herself inundated with messages on her email to attend people’s weddings. She couldn’t have asked for a better job!

In the midst of all the goings-on, Piper is trying to find an actual job, and get her life together. You will be rooting for Piper to come out of each situation on the positive side of things. She has to meet some crazy people along the way, and sometimes you will be cringing right along with her. When she meets the love of her life, things may be taking a turn for the better, but there’s always some sort of issue when romance comes along, isn’t there?

Quick-paced and easy to read, this book will be on your summer TBR list in no time! I had a great time reading this, and definitely want all the best for Piper in her endeavors. If you are looking for something optimistic and upbeat this wedding season, then definitely pick up this book! I give this one 5 out of 5 stars, great for the summer.

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