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The Dark Net


This book gave me the creepiest of all creepy-crawlies. The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy terrified me because it is about all things bad, death, horror, literal demons as well as imagined ones. I don’t even know where to begin to describe there terror that this book is, and all of the intricacy in the story.

There are many facets to this book, and many characters with perspectives that will have you reeling. We all know there is a dark place on the internet, where people see and do some really messed up things. Now, there is actual darkness lurking there, and it won’t stop until it gets what it wants.

What I noticed from this book first off, was that it held something way more sinister than I was expecting. I thought this was going to be a book about darkness on the internet, but it’s way more supernatural and paranormal than that. One of the main characters, Mike Juniper, supposedly died and went to heaven-and then came back. After his near death experience, he started seeing demons and other unworldly things he couldn’t explain. This terrified the crap out of him, so he started to work toward the good-trying to help homeless people in their time of need.

Juniper, along with some other interesting characters, including a blind 12 year old girl who gets fit with a contraption that helps her see (sometimes not always a good thing), her aunt Lela who is not into technology in the slightest, and Derek a hacker who I would consider to be the next Anonymous, are on a mission to find these demons and expel them from the earth.

This is definitely a book that you are going to want to read with the lights on, but none the less, it’s an incredible story, and the way Percy writes it, the words have some sort of melodic theme that sucks you right in. If you are looking for a story to keep you up at night, then you have come to the right place. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, scary, entrapping, and gut wrenching at times. Thank you to the publisher for sending me this book!


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