Henry and the Hidden Treasure- Kids Book


You will absolutely fall in love with Henry and his big imagination in this adorable book by B.C.R. Fegan Henry and the Hidden Treasure which has such gorgeous and detailed illustrations by Lenny Wen.


Henry is an adorable little boy with a head full of blonde hair. He loves to collect money in his treasure chest, even though his parents think he should put it in the bank. Henry thinks it’s a better idea to hide the treasure from his nemesis:


The spy ninja Lucy (also known as his little sister). Henry compiles a list of ways to keep his sister away from his treasure, and although he is creative, he may not be able to stop her from getting what she wants the most from him!

I absolutely adore this book, my son and I have read it quite a few times since we got it, and it never gets old. The illustrations are so beautiful, that we can talk about the pictures for a long time while reading the story, plus it has an adorable ending. Henry and Lucy remind me of my kids, and that might be why I love it so much. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, thank you so much to the publisher for sending this book to me, it will be a well loved story in my home for years to come.



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